Back Door Hate Affair

I would guess at this point, since the BLM backed off, it’s plan B for them. I would say plan B will start with personal harassment of the people that were and are at the ranch and the protests. I don’t believe they planned to back off, things spiraled out of control for them, due to overwhelming support for the Bundy’s both on site and online.

Unfortunately they gathered a lot of information by taking down license plate numbers, cell phone data, etc… any information they could. I am sure they will take this data and use it in a campaign of harassment. If you have children, social services will suddenly get anonymous calls about child abuse. If you own a business, the fire marshall and the building inspectors will have a sudden interest in you, tax records will be scrutinized carefully.

It is clear that a new era in American government is needed. Any government that goes after it’s own citizens in a personal manner with an axe to grind is no longer doing it’s job in any manner consistent with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As we can all figure this is not over, the obama administration is the most vindictive administration to ever serve I believe. So we wait for the other shoe to fall. We must be even more vigilant and observant then ever before. This is just the beginning of an awakening, I believe this situation has made many people see the truth, that previously had their head in the sand. Or at least that is my hope, there are still too many that refuse to see.

Keep the faith in ourselves and pray to God for our cause.

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