Expect the government to create a violent conflict!

I believe we can expect the government to try and create a situation to force the hand of some patriots, into a violent confrontation in which the government can Utilize it for propaganda. So far none of the recent mass shootings have fulfilled their hopes or needs, they have been perpetrated by someone on the left or a muslim.

They have not been able to create the propaganda needed to paint the Tea Party or other conservative groups as violent or as extremists. Even with the main stream media outright lying to assist them, they have nothing believable or substantial enough to garner public support for their radical agenda. Even people that share the same conservative values as the Tea Party and similar groups, could be turned against those groups if people believe them to be violent.

With to few Americans understanding the true nature and danger of where our society is currently at, they could be easily swayed into believing untruths if violence is involved. That is because many people, are going about their daily lives, paying no attention to anything but major events (i’ll keep my opinion of these people to myself). Still believing that the government has their best interests in mind. It takes something out of the ordinary to get their attention, who controls the flow of information or propaganda will win the day.

That is why I believe the government will make another attempt at the Bundy Ranch, it is a situation they believe they can turn around, if they do it quickly before the situation can get back into the courts where they make get handed a defeat because of the change in perception. I believe that this is where they think they can create a violent conflict more easily then starting over someplace else. We must be ever watchful of agents of the government worming their way in and creating emotions that can only hurt us, and the cause of patriotism.


One thought on “Expect the government to create a violent conflict!

  1. I could not agree with you more. The Federal Government is out of control and is being operated by a regime that has taken advantage of deliberately planted changes to our Republic, starting with the travesty of the 17th amendment, which in and of itself has granted people like Harry Reid power over the people instead of the requiring him to represent the interests of Nevadans and its ranchers. We lost our Country some time ago to the Progressive movement while our citizenship watched rather blindly. It is a consequence of the absence of handing down the meaning of the form of Republic our Founding Fathers envisioned. This Government will do everything in its power, using tax payers dollars, to thwart the efforts of those that do not agree with their agenda. Even worse, they will attack those that do not stand down in the name of protecting their livelihoods, such as you, Mr. Bundy.
    I stand firmly alongside of you and pray for an end to the violence the Government has perpetrated. We cannot allow this regime to paint patriots as extremists or “domestic terrorists”. In this case, the Feds are clearly the terrorists, filling an agenda at the cost of innocent men.

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