About Myself and the Blog

I am just an average American who is sick of the government doing whatever they please, whenever they please. Most of all it is the judges that piss me off the most, you know the ones that will always give the government the decision or search warrant they want. No matter the amount of truth contained in the paperwork, a little nudge, nudge, wink, wink and their off on their way to wreck another life.

Bear with me on the blog, I am not a professional blogger, just someone who is concerned and cares about my country and the people. I am Tea Party member, ex-military (U.S. Navy) and an NRA member, to give you and idea of where I stand. I have worked in the construction trades for about 20 years, I have also worked for about 5 years at the Peace bridge and Lewiston-Queenston bridge, which are border crossings from Canada into the United States. In that job I had to deal with DOT, USDA, FDA, Fish & Wildlife, etc… So I do have a little idea of how the government dis-functions.


One thought on “About Myself and the Blog

  1. Greetings – we own a very big, conservative Facebook page of over 640 thousand people, have a Podcast that does about 377,000 downloads per Month and also guest host drive time radio in Seattle. We are both very conservative and concerned about what it happening down there. Would you care to come on our radio show and Podcast to explain what you wrote in your letter? I think it’s the best explanation I have read to date.

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