News Articles

I am putting news articles that are relevant or directly about the Bundy’s situation on this page. Please exercise some common sense when reading these articles, we all know there is and will be much out there that is propaganda. So use your own judgment and try and verify what you read with other sources. I will do my best to post articles that I can verify myself, I am only one person and the sheer volume of of information out there will take time to shift through.

Th is is a very good article concerning the authority of the federal government over any and all lands controlled by the states and the fed.


The Saga of Bundy Ranch




Feds Blink-Leave ranch

Feds Retreat From Armed Stand-off


Feds Say Door Isn’t Closed


The facts Behind the Bundy Ranch Dispute

From Fox

Federal Agency Vows to Continue legal Action after ending Nevada ranch Stand-off

From The PJ Tatler (

Breaking: Bureau of Land Management Won’t Enforce Court Order Against Bundy Cows


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